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Pest-proof The Home During National Pest Management Month

But many pests gain entry into homes in the winter as they seek shelter from the cold weather. In fact, according to the national pest management association …

April is National Pest Management Month because this is the time of year when pests start to become the most active. An observance for nearly 40 years, National Pest Management Month is a great time to pest proof your home.

Pest Proof Your Home with Bob Vila Read helpful tips on home pest-proofing from … with mice and spiders being prevalent in the winter months, and mosquitoes, … Here are five tips from the National Pest Management Association to help homeowners pest- proof …

Happy National Pest Management Month. FAIRFAX, Va. (April 1, 2013) – Today kicks off National Pest Management Month, an observance recognizing pest professionals for keeping the public safe from unwanted pests that can cause property damage, contaminate food and spread serious diseases. Some common household pests, including termites and rodents, can cause costly damage to a home.

Pest-Proof During National Pest Management Month. It’s National Pest Management Month! As a part of the NPMA and as a local provider for pest control services we’re excited to celebrate this month of commitment in protect homeowners and the general public from household, health, and pest problems.

National Pest Management Month comes at the perfect time to make pest-proofing a priority to prevent an infestation during the spring and summer seasons,” added Henriksen. For more information on National Pest Management Month or for information on common household pests, please visit

Nov 14, 2014 … The National Pest Management Association encourages homeowners to … their homes now to stave off an invasion in the coming months.

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Watch Out For That Web: Avoiding Spider Webs This is why a spider will build a web in front of your camera because it makes a good trap for dazed and confused bugs. Spiders also like dark corners so cameras placed under eaves can be an attractive place to set up home. spider webs are most visible at night when your cameras are

Eco Serve Pest Services advises homeowners to pest-proof their homes this spring eco serve pest services is joining the professional pest control industry in celebrating National Pest Management Month this April, a public observance recognized by the National Pest … food and properties from common pest threats. During the spring season, pests …

Will Artificial Grass Protect My Home From Pests? Oct 6, 2016 … synthetic grass can help eliminate many troublesome insects and animals. … The construction and materials of artificial turf will prevent them from breeding … should do some things at home to prevent mosquitos and limit the … Antler Farms® produces a certified organic, nutrient rich wheat grass that is 100% pure, raw,

During National Pest Management Month, Rose encourages public awareness of pests and reminds homeowners to pest-proof the home this spring. Take a few minutes to educate yourself about a specific pest you’ve seen around your house in the past.