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Does Rain Increase Flying Termite Activity?

Since termites are attracted to moisture, does rain increase the chances of a termite swarm? Learn more about termite swarm triggers and what you can do as a homeowner. For functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

How Weather affects pest populations; … ants may invade during any type of weather, but there are times when activity tends to increase. … Lots of rain floods the ants’ nesting sites, so they go in search of dry ground — like your home. You may notice an army of ants in wet weather. Dry Weather.

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Mar 15, 2019 … A heavy rainfall can cause water damage in homes but it can also attract … Termite swarmers are winged termites whose main purpose is to …

Flying Termites Coming Out From Underground After Rain Not only do rainstorms drive flying termites to mate during warm weather, moisture from rain also contributes to water damage in homes, thus attracting termites …

Jan 12, 2019 … As spring approaches, concerns over termites increases. … The actual swarmers themselves do not cause damage. … When do termites fly?

Mar 12, 2018 … We all know April showers bring spring flowers but what else do those showers bring? Flying termites! Also known as alates they come from the …

The termite adds these objects onto existing structures, and such behaviour encourages building behaviour in other workers. The result is a self-organised process whereby the information that directs termite activity results from changes in the environment rather than from direct contact among individuals.

What To Do When You Find Termites If the area is active, you may see worker termites inside. Dark areas or blisters in … How do I know if I have winged ants or swarming termites? Winged termites … What should I do if I think I have found Termites? DO NOT disturb the termites!; DO NOT spray the termites with fly spray

Can Rain Stimulate Termite Activity in the House? … it’s not surprising that rain also affects termite activity. … swarming seasons vary based on region, though flying termites typically begin to appear in early spring. rain Leads to Damp Wood in Homes.

Everyone knows that april showers bring spring flowers. But flowers aren’t the only byproduct of the springtime rain. It’s not unusual to see flying…

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How does the rain affect pests around your house? These early season rains really kick start the pest control season around Taree, Forster and Port Macquarie. Termites – We have already had a huge increase in termite activity with six (6) active jobs coming in across Port Macquarie, Taree and Forster in the last few weeks.

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